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Pfaff power Quilter p3 with the Quilt Artist II

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by , 02-12-2014 at 09:39 AM (1085 Views)
I have just bought (well my husband bought it for me) this machine and I am having trouble with the Quilt artistII. I have contacted Pfaff and they tell me I need to work with my dealer...but the dealer has no service tech....And help will be appreciated
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  1. scrappy happy's Avatar
    the last I knew this lady KARTINA HELMKAMP, was the CEO of pfaff. I would try and get in contract with her. I have a pfaff creative vision and I had so much trouble with it .
    But I finely found a dealer that is the sweetheart of all times and he has fixed it for me.
  2. Steel Thimble's Avatar
    Thank you very much..I will do my best to get in touch with her...and I am glad your machine is up and running great.
  3. tina1952's Avatar
    I also have quilt artist2. What can I help you with. The longarm educator Vanessa Dyson is very helpful. I have contacted her and have learned quite a bit from her. Please feel free to contact me personally.

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