Pfaff Quilt Style 1527 Machine

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by , 03-28-2013 at 10:30 AM (737 Views)
Does anyone have any experience with this machine? Currently I own a 35 year old Bernina which is still a great machine. I use a walking foot with it to quilt. A dealer has a new Pfaff 1527 machine for $450 which I am considering buying. I would just like feedback from anyone who has used this machine for quilting.
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  1. leaha's Avatar
    I have had a 1229, and 4, 7570's and a 2056, which all have IDT and I love them, sorry I can not tell you any thing about the new 1527, the Pfaff 7570 was the last German built machine, and I can not say enough good about it, my 2056 was not built in Germany and I think just does not compare with the 7570, JMHO

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