Pictures of the final mannequin tree

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by , 01-08-2017 at 10:36 PM (377 Views)
So today I started taking apart the mannequin "Christmas" tree but before I did I took lots of pictures. Now the process to cut the threads, trim the squares, and put it all together begins.

Name:  week 7 progress a.jpg
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Size:  50.0 KB Name:  week 7 progress b.jpg
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Size:  51.5 KB Name:  week 7 progress c.jpg
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Size:  49.2 KB Name:  week 7 progress d.jpg
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  1. Stitchnbeach's Avatar
    That's funny cause I do the same, use my manniqin for the same thing love it.
  2. ddtrina's Avatar
    Stitchnbeach, I'm just lucky my daughter hasn't needed it since it's really hers. I always wanted one growing up sewing and decided to get her one last year for Christmas. Best present ever!

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