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by , 07-30-2012 at 02:32 AM (893 Views)
It's still early morning here.
Furbaby woke me. His bark was demanding and when I let him out, he puked. UGH!
Well, he had enough sense to go outdoors before doing it.

Poor baby...will have to watch him for signs of sickness although he ate a lot yesterday and probably upset his tummy.

I plan to work on my Sampler today...not sure if I'll get a lot done. Need to do some weeding...why do weeds grow so much faster than my planted flowers!?
I also need to make a raspberry dessert......found a can of raspberry filling in the cupboard that will soon be outdated.
Any ideas for a quick dessert?

DH is bringing home some fresh fish.......he is out this morning fishing for cod......and we will need to get that cleaned, cut and into the freezer.
We usually put meal portions into freezer bags and then put the bags into empty, cleaned milk cartons (2 meals to a carton).
It freezes well that way...no frost burn and can be eaten a year later without loss of quality.

Also need to wash bed linens and hang out on the clothesline.
Also will make a trip to Wallyworld and pick up some new pillows.
Ours are getting the worse for wear.

Late meal will probably be fresh fried fish and fries.

Off to put the sheets in the washer and then attack the weeds.
Hope everyone has a great day.
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