Please help! Searching for a Log cabin block

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by , 11-07-2012 at 07:22 AM (834 Views)
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Here's the outline of the block.

Note that the center is 3x as wide as the logs.

For instance, the center is a 3" square, with 3 rounds of logs. The total FINISHED size is 9".

I made a boo-boo while drafting it and included an extra round (blacked it out) when, in fact, there is sashing between the logs.

I was too lazy to change it so the quilt below shows the extra round in each block - that's why there are two lights where the blocks intersect, when there should only be one.

(I colored one corner of the last round dark so it would more closely resemble the picture.
Like I said, I'm lazy.)

But you should get the idea.

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