On point quilt help needed

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by , 03-24-2014 at 06:52 AM (1006 Views)
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Having a mental problem here. I haven't made an on point quilt for quite some time and I can't remember what the measurements are for figuring out the setting triangles. The unfinished size of my blocks are 5 inches. Can someone refresh my memory? Sure would appreciate it
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  1. Lizquiltz's Avatar
    Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville has this info on her website here:

    Liz A.
  2. susan1948's Avatar
    For one that small, I would probably just cut a piece of paper 5.5" square then cut it in half on the diagonal and add 1/4" to the diagonal side. Measure the long/diagonal side of your new triangle and cut a square that is that size & cut an "X" through it and there you have 4 of your side & top triangles.
    According to my Electric quilt program, the larger triangles would be cut from a 7 9/16" square.
    The corner triangles would be cut from a 4 1/16" square just once on the diagonal.
    The really easy, no math way is to buy EQ, LOL! Of course the math with that really is find the $$ in the checkbook! But boy can you have all kinds of fun with it for all sorts of quilts, of course, not just setting triangles.
    All of that being said, Bonnie has all of the math formulas for you on the link Liz provided.
    Susan G

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