Postage Stamp Quilt Progress

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by , 02-21-2012 at 08:54 PM (2506 Views)
so i had this brilliant idea to work on two postage stamp quilts (psq) simutaneously. seriously??? well i am and it is a definate labor of love cutting and sewing thousands of 1.5" squares. my interest in doing these quilts started with participating in several 1.5" square board swaps. i had no idea what i was gonna do with all these squares initially but after discussions with others on the board, i knew i was gonna tackle a psq. then i followed crafty1's record progress on her psq and that got me kicked into gear.i pulled out my several thousand squares received in the swaps and sorted them by color groupings and stored them in these small containers. i would sew a few in between other projects. i am sure if i got this leader and ender process down, i would be further along.
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here are some of the rows i have managed to get together so far.
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after all of the work cutting and sewing squares i decided i would make my psq about 90 x 90 instead of a lap quilt size. i figured i would be able to enjoy it more if i could actually put it on a bed to use so now i will need about 8,100 1.5" squares for this quilt. i have assembled dome blocks for this quilt but i have many strips waiting to become blocks (10 x 10) one day.Name:  psq blk1.JPG
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then....... one day i saw a pic of the perkiomen daydreams psq by bonnie hunter. 10,000 fabric squares. wow! but it was a pattern i liked so into it i dove. i have 400 blocks to make for this quilt with lots of yellows, reds, lights and darks. Name:  postagestamp2.jpg
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so for the last week i have been pulling just about every fabric i own and cutting strips from them. i figured i can get these blocks done in this lifetime if i strip pieced along with sewing individual blocks. i am way past the need to have every square a different fabric. i will challenge anyone to find the dups, you know make it a game. here are my bags of strips. i am going a little bit zany right now. i still have some fabrics to cut strips from so off i go.

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my perkiomen daydreams strips
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