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Prayers for my SIL and DD would be appreciated

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by , 03-30-2012 at 10:17 PM (1379 Views)
My SIL's dad died this afternoon. When Ben married my DD Sara his parents became a part of our family too. They were always a part of our holiday get togethers and we ate at their house off and on and had them here for a meal. They are my extended family in every sense of the word.

Ben's dad Cleo had a triple bypass in 1993 and came through it fine. over time he had developed lung problems from working in an ammunitions plant and breathing in all the chemicals. So he has been on oxygen for the last 3 years. And was getting progressively worse to the point there was nothing more they could do for him.

He is stubborn as can be and dragging his oxygen canister he and his wife would go to the casinos all the time. They went 5 times this last week according to my DD. they always ate out on Wed and they never stopped doing that even when he could hardly breathe.

So it was not unexpected but still very hard to deal with.

My SIL is a Chiro and an EMT and he had to do CPR on his dad this afternoon and they tried to take him to the hosp but half way there Ben had to make the decision to stop trying to do CPR on him.

I feel so bad for Ben as I lost my dad 20 yrs ago when i was about Ben's age and it never gets easier.

My granddaughter Rachel 9 was the hardest hit one when they told the kids a bit ago. She was very attached to her grandpa.

But the tear jerker was Zachary. (11 yrs old) He is a high functioning autistic who lives in his own fantasy world most of the time.

We had to go get the kids this aft and bring them home. When we got here I asked for a moment of silence. I prayed for Ben and Sara and then Joey 13 prayed for grandpa Cleo. then Zachary prayed.

-at this point we all thought Cleo was dead but the kids didn't know this-

Zach- God thank you for my family and thank you for good things to eat. (Joey had taught him this)
And God(this is all Zach's thoughts) please take care of my grandpa Cleo in the hospital and please make it so he doesn't have to use the oxygen any more. Amen

I was in tears. My DH said you've got to hold it together! and I did but it was so sweet and so touching from a child who doesn't pay alot of attention to what is going on around him.

It has been a stressful afternoon and evening.

Thanks everyone for your prayers. Ben will need them as he deals with his 4 siblings and the funeral and his mom. He is the one his family all expect to take care of everything. He's the youngest and has had the bulk of taking care of his parents for years with my daughter's help.
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  1. LeslieFrost's Avatar
    My thoughts are with you and your extended family, Rhonda. You will get through this together, because you have such a solid foundation. Give the g'kids extra kisses -- it will help all of you!
  2. craftybear's Avatar

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family. Take care
  3. sassey's Avatar
    I will be praying for all. This has surly been a hard ordel for the whole family may you all find peace and comfort from god/

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