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Prayers needed

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by , 11-08-2011 at 02:51 AM (452 Views)
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My husband lost his job last Monday. I am currently working full time, but it is far from enough money to pay everything that has to be paid. Jobs nowadays are very hard to find, and if he doesn't find something soon, we will be in danger of losing our home and our vehicle. Always seems when things start going well again, someone drops another bomb. Then to add to it my refrigerator stopped working today, and I have also found a lump in my breast. My mother had breast cancer and is a survivor....thank God, but I am scared to death of what is going to happen next. I know when God closes one door he always opens up another, and I know he has a plan for us, and just when you see there is no way, God shows you the way. I've just been very depressed for a week, just not knowing what we are going to do. I just need all of you to pray for us and pray he can find a good job soon before we lose everything. Thanks and God Bless each and everyone of you.
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  1. coachmatthewsvhs's Avatar
    Quilting Angel,
    I will keep you guys in my thoughts. Hoping for good news and good health!!
  2. wvdek's Avatar
    One day at a time is usually what we need to do, but in your case, you are at the one moment at a time.
    Prioritize - you need to take care of you first so you can help everyone else. Get the breast issue taken care of - expect the worst - hope for the best. Do what you need to do and keep looking ahead.
    Your DH is responsible for getting a job, any job, to help out the family. At one time, my DH was working three jobs one being a cop.

    Talk to your martgage company, your creditors, only purchase absloute necessities to survive. You will be amazed at how little you can do with. Don't ruch to file bankruptcy like my DH did. However, we did get to keep our home and two vehicles and we are finally out of the dark. Ours was because of medical bills and no health insurance.
    Keep your head up, worry is not a word in the bible, and keep prayer utmost for His will not yours. You are stronger than you think. Godspeed!

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