Precut charm squares, are they really suppose to be exactly 5" square?

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by , 02-11-2012 at 12:32 PM (548 Views)
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I think the charm squares that have pinked edges can sometimes be a problem.
Boy do I agree wwith you on the pinked edges! I found some flannel material on-line that I loved for a quilt for my 1st gg-son ordered and waited because I liked it so much but when the charms came the edges were pinked so out the door went the rag quilt plan and I needed then to go to Plan B. I wish they would let you know if the charms were pinked or not since I have also bought some that weren't.
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  1. mariolkapolka's Avatar
    I hate pinked edges - they never want to line up and you always have to check if you were sewing in the valey or peak.
    I only use them for rag quilts, since this method is forgiving minimal precision required

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