Preparing quilt to hand quilt

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by , 03-07-2013 at 01:25 PM (609 Views)
I am fairly new to quilting, so here goes. The quilts I have done in the past, I started in the center. Is this correct or should I begin on one end? Thanks
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  1. starshine's Avatar
    Usually hand quilting starts in the center.
  2. LindaWright's Avatar
    Thank you, that is what I thought.
  3.'s Avatar
    Hey there, Linda! Yes! That's right. In the center is what you want to do and then spiral out from the center in order to keep your three layers of backing, batting and top as even and straight as possible. You didn't mention it, but you basted the three layers, first, right? Either with basting stitches or by using basting pins? I use an 18" hoop to hand quilt, rather than a frame. That way, I can turn the hoop to advantage my hand and stitches. AND! The whole thing can be easily stored in a big trash bag in the closet when not in use. Only thing to watch is I never leave the quilt-in-progress in the trash bag for extended periods of time. Change of temperature and humidity can cause trouble. If I'm not going to be quilting, I use a muslin bag. I am so glad you are quilting. It has brought me many years of friends and happiness. Much Love, Fondly, Robin

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