Preparing you Sashing Strips.

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So at this point my twelve blocks are all quilted and squared up to the exact same size.

SEW Let's get started.

For this method with the understanding you are using all 1/4" seams. Your TOP sashing strip will be 1 inch wide and the length will be the same as your block length.

EXAMPLE: Ssnare is using 9 inch top blocks. Now as long as no wonkiness happened along the way that required her to trim her blocks under the 9 X 9 squares; the width and length of her qulited blocks {top,batting,and backing} is 9 X 9 squared.

So Ssnare would cut her top sashing strips 1" x 9". The number of strips needed would be determined by the number of quilted units you are attaching within the row. If Ssnare has four units in a row she would need to cut 3 TOP sashing strips for each row.

The BOTTOM sashing strips will be 1-3/4" x 9 inches. You will need the same number of these bottom sashing strips as the TOPS.

So let's say we are just working on one row for now. Ssnare should now have in front of her 3 Top strips cut at 1" x 9" and 3 bottom sashing strips cut at 1-3/4" x 9 inches.

Now we are going to take the bottom sashing strips and fold them over in half and iron them.

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Size:  105.7 KB Do not pay attention to the pictures after the Green Strips the top sashing pieces should not be folded or ironed at this point. ONLY the Back Sashing. I can't seem to remove those pictures from my post.
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