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by , 05-27-2013 at 09:58 PM (1240 Views)
Ladies I am new to the site and would like to ask a question. I do alterations for people in my community. I have a home based business. I have an order to take some name tags (3) off a set of scrubs, shorten the pants, take 2 pockets out from behind the outer pockets, add a piece of material to the hem of the sleeve and to the V in the top. My question is how much should I charge? I usually charge $5.00 for hems. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. sjbart's Avatar
    Pricing depends on what your area can support and why you are sewing for clients. For me, I found that I needed to charge by the hour for ANYTHING.
    Sewing hems in straight legged cotton pants is different than sewing a hem in a chiffon circle skirt. I also found that people who did not want to pay for my work by the hour ( I did try "piecework for a while) were never satisfied customers no matter how well the work turned out! I also started to charge for ANY supplies I used. There are so many types of material that need specialty needles or special supplies.....
    If it is worth them bringing you their alterations or mending, then it is worth you being paid for your time. It will help customers if you can give an approximate amount of time for the project.
    Also, know your own limits...for me, I did not do zippers in men's pants, or in jackets! You may have another area you are not comfortable with.
    Arthritis keeps me from doing this anymore, but I enjoyed it when I did (for about 20 years!).
  2. debbiemarie's Avatar
    I agree with sjbart, it depends on your area, I live in So. Calif. I think alterations are ridiculously high, something like $15-$20 to hem pants. I think $10 is a good price. I would find out what others are charging in your area and charge something close you are comfortable with. $1 less than the competition and you will probably get a lot of work.
  3. knotNnew's Avatar
    For scrubs pants, $5.00 is a fair price. As for taking off the pockets and putting them back on, just make sure u get paid for that time, sometimes we forget to do that. As for the "V" and sleeves, I have just cut the "V" off and make it wider in replacing it, same with the sleeves. Get yourself a stop watch to count your time, then u can charge hourly. Now for pricing: some will start with an hourly wage the same as if u were going to a job (in CA, wages start at $8.25, I think?) and then u going up from there on how difficult the project is.

    Personally, I only do alterations for myself these days... and I still don't do zippers. lol

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