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by , 01-08-2014 at 03:42 AM (516 Views)
I am new at printing out photos on fabric, I use EQ7 program. The pictures I printed will bleed when I put them in cold water. On EQ printing fabric, it says to use Fabric softener in the water. Has anyone had any luck using this one. Is there something else I should use so the ink does not bleed? I want to make an all photo quilt for my daughter.
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  1. quiltingshorttimer's Avatar
    I printed a photo on fabric using my printer and had to dry press it to "set" the ink--not familiar with printing using the EQ7 program--but since that's software, wouldn't the setting process depend upon the type of ink in your printer? (caveat--it took my about 1/2 dozen tries at attaching a photo to this site--so obviously not a techie!)
  2. ShiAnnF's Avatar
    Thank you for the suggestion, I will try that. What kind of printer do you have?
  3. Butterflyspain's Avatar
    I have bought specially treated fabric which is attached to a peel away paper backing. It works well and you donīt have to treat it with any special treatments. I have an Ink Jet printer HP by name. bought the paper on the internet and if I remember it was a bit expensive.
    You can also buy special liquid to treat any fabric which you wash it in first dry and press and then by attaching it to freezer paper you can put your material through your printer. Hope these suggestions help you. good luck

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