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A productive couple of days!

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by , 01-22-2012 at 07:47 PM (819 Views)
Got some chili made and into the freezer for use on "I don't feel like cooking" days. Found an interesting recipe for Onion Bisque that I think I'll try. I love good onion soup, but have only tried it at home a couple of times.

I was reminded that a deadline was upon me for making a little quilt for AAQI for January. Don't want to spoil my one-a-month record!

I already had the fabric I wanted to use, so I put it together quick quick. I hand quilted it and bound it this afternoon and evening while watching football.

And, if I did this right, here it is! It is just under 12" by 9" and will go into the mail to AAQI tomorrow.
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  1. oksewglad's Avatar
    I like the off center look! Nice and bright.
  2. LeslieFrost's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by oksewglad
    I like the off center look! Nice and bright.
    Thanks, Gladie! It's not improvisational yet, but I'm gettin' there!
  3. oksewglad's Avatar
    It takes a little thought and work for some of us to be "improvisational". In the barn DQ I made a prototype in EQ just to help me get a sense of proportion since I can't draw a straight line for love nor money. Once I got my idea down I could then take it to the cutting board and whack away at fabric.
    (I'm not used to all the aspects of the board as I just noticed you had left a comment.)

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