Progress Update on Son's Theatre Quilt

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by , 07-30-2017 at 03:34 PM (236 Views)
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Quick pic so quality not clear, etc. but you get the idea.
Have batting to put behind that faux black velvet border.
Backing to do (have to hide some uneven seems that I didn't intend)
Finish quilting.
Green binding.

Now here is my problem. I didn't take notes on batting I was using. I only have enough to do the 2 sides. So I went and got some 80/20 and pray it's close. So I have 2 options here.
1). Use the new batting of 80/20 for all 4 sides in case it isn't the safe loft, etc.
2). Go ahead & use what I have for the sides and the new for top & bottom.
Please help me decide. TIA

Keep in mind... this quilt can NEVER be washed. So the effects of washing won't be in the finished quilt. Son plans to use as wall hanging (little big for that use, but ok).

NOTE TO SELF: I do NOT like slippery fabrics! Yes, I used all the tricks of the trade, stabilized, walking foot, pin parallel galore!, yada yada... lol
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  1. jcraine's Avatar
    That is very pretty!

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