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by , 05-24-2013 at 04:44 PM (451 Views)
I have a whole new appreciation for Memorial Day. My adopted son, Louis, was an Army Ranger in the 82nd Airborne. He served in the jungles of Panama, Granada, Columbia, and Iraq. His career was cut short due to a bullet in his kneecap. My nephew too, was deployed. He served a year for the Army in Bosnia. So...for me, Memorial Day is no longer "just" a Holiday.

I would like to thank all who make quilts for these projects and organizations: Quilts of Valor, Wounded Warrior Quilts, Marine Comfort Quilts, Army Baby Quilt Project, Operation Homefront, Home of the Brave Quilt Project, American Hero Quilts, Prayer Shawls for Fallen Soldiers, and I'm sure, the many others I have not mentioned here!
I had a quilter in the shop that shared with me a story of an old Vietnam soldier who was given a quilt at the VA and burst into tears. His wife stated that he has never been able to talk about his time served due to the stigma of serving in the Vietnam War. The quilt he received provided a breakthrough for him and he is now able to share and participate in group therapy.
So please don't stop quilting for these men and women soldiers! The need remains great no matter what conflict they served in and even after they have returned home!

In honor of our brave soldiers, we have commissioned a Purple Heart quilt panel that can be found at this link:

Happy Memorial Day and may God bless America!

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