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by , 05-07-2012 at 09:17 AM (885 Views)
Has anyone used a Q snap frame to hand quilt a quilt? If there is any advice please share it with me. I have a Double Wedding Ring hand pieced and fixing to hand quilt it soon. My 17x17 is smaller than block so I am switching them for a little longer to fit ONE entire block in frame so I can hand stitch one entire block at a time.
Any advise pleas share with me. Thanks!
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  1. Mamakretz's Avatar
    I have had a Q snap for years and absolutely love it for hand work. I have a small 12x12 that I use for smaller pieces, but love my large one for larger quilts. There are a lot of innovations that have come out since I bought mine years ago. Now there are feet for the back legs that tilt the work surface toward you that make it easier to work, almost like a drafting table. There are also new straps that fit on the sides that hold up the work that isn't in the frame. Mine came out before that so my work kind of drags on the floor...

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