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QAYG Flip N Sew With Pictures

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by , 03-24-2013 at 09:07 AM (927 Views)
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I mostly piece 40x60 tops for cancer patients. And I got really tired of the look of tied quilts so this winter I tried QAYG, sewing the quilting seam at the same time I sewed my rows together. I don't know how to post words with the correct picture so I hope you can follow along.

1. I sew my individual blocks into rows, but don't sew the rows into one top. Generally I like my blocks to be 6-7 inches. I realize there is no vertical quilting lines using this method, but me and others in our quilt guild have decided that horizontal stitching will suffice for the purpose intended.

2. I press my backing fabric and mark the vertical center point of the quilt. I align the backing fabric with the batting, with the backing fabric right side down.

3. I figure out the vertical center point of the rows and lay the first row down on the batting at the vertical center point of the backing. This row is laid right side up. I lay the next row right side down and pin, pin, pin with fork pins, matching seams.

4. I fold the excess batting and backing fabric and sew a horizontal seam, backstitching at the beginning and end of the row. When finished, I flip over the top row and press. I turn the package over and press from the back. I also press "ahead" the width of the next row to ensure that the batting and backing are not bunched.

5. I continue to add rows up and down until all rows are added. I then trim off the excess and baste around the perimeter of the quilt.

6. Add binding.
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