Question about how to pricd quilt fabric to sell

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, 07-23-2012 at 12:16 PM (604 Views)
I have the opportunity to participate in a quilt shop "garage sale". Each person who participates is asked to put fabric, fat quarters, pre-cut strips, etc. in a zip-lock bag. Participant gets 50 bar code stickers and are to price their own fabric. I can submit up to 50 zip-lock bags. All of my fabric was purchased at quilt shops and I paid premium price for it. However, some of the pieces go back as far as 2002. Does anyone have guidelines they have followed for pricing? On eBay and Craigslist, I notice that many people are selling fabric for the price they purchased it. I want to get rid of the fabric, but I don't want to price it so low that I don't get any money from the "garage sale". Any ideas???
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  1. heyjami's Avatar
    I went to an amazing sale and it was $10/lb. So about $3.50/yd.
    All LQS fabric, with ages from 1-10 years old.

    People walked about with bag fulls of fabric.

    Whenever I go to quilt shows I pay about $4/yd for LQS quality.

    Ultimately you have to price it at a price you'd be willing to accept. If that's full retail, then price it like that and if someone can agree to it they'll buy it. Or you'll find yourself with 50 bags to put away.
  2. PEJ's Avatar
    I have never been on or tried to "blog" before today. I am so grateful for the great advice you provided! You were able to put the fabric pricing in perspective for me. I love your last comment...You are so right...I don't want to have to put the 50 bags away! Now I can get busy putting the stickers on the bags and feel o.k. about putting a reasonable price on the fabric. Thanks again SO MUCH!!
  3. heyjami's Avatar
    I've been experimenting with the blog tools too. :-) I clicked on the general category and that's how I saw your post. Glad I could help.
    Good luck, hope you find a bundle. Maybe even the lower price will soothe you if you know a thrifty quilter is buying some high quality fabric for their project - so you're contributing to the universe of quilters!
  4. PEJ's Avatar
    You are so kind I especially liked your closing sentence about helping other quilters. It made it so much easier to price things knowing there are other people just starting out who would benefit from my fabric. True wisdom from a quilter! Thank you!
  5. PEJ's Avatar
    I just thought I would get back to you about my adventure with the fabric "garage sale" at the local quilt shop. It was so easy to price the bags after we chatted. I brought my 50 individual zip-lock bags of fabric to the shop earlier in the week. The sale started at 9:00 on Saturday morning, and I was there with all of the other people waiting for the doors to open! This was a bigger deal than I thought! There were only 6 - 8 foot tables with fabric/quilt patterns/supplies/yarn, etc. The people grabbed carts and filled them up as fast as they could. I was amazed at the determination of people to get as many bags as they could. I observed more than I shopped. The fabric I brought was in bags as the others were, but I had added a new graph paper composition book in each bag, just for fun. I am a teacher, had extras from the school year, and I thought that quilters might like them as "design" journals. The outside of the composition book was a dark marble green. So, in each of my bags of fabric was a very obvious dark marble green book with a yellow sheet explaining what it was, my specific list of how much fabric and the name of the manufacturer. All of my fabric had been put in a box bin and people thought it was a bin of patterns or kits. So, I set a few out on the table as I walked by the table, with the fabric showing. People picked up the bag and then set it down. I concluded a few things...the people thought it was green marble fabric, they were distracted/not interested in the "design journal" and it distracted them from the fabric I had put in the bag, or they thought my price reflected the fabric and the journal. I had priced all of my bags at $3.00 or below and I was in line with what the others were charging for their fabric. In fact, I had bags with a lot of yardage and put a lower price on it than others who had the same amount of fabric. The sale went on all day today too, so I don't know how many of my bags sold. When I left the shop after a couple of hours on Saturday, very few of my fabric bags had sold. Tomorrow, I am going to go back to the shop and pick up my fabric that didn't sell, and a gift certificate for the fabric that did sell. I am expecting to bring home more fabric than I sold. All of life is a learning experience. Next year, I won't put in as much time labeling yardage on the bags and I will skip the journals The best part of the day was to sit and talk with people who just came to get fabric for their first quilting projects. You were right! Young quilters came to get inexpensive fabric and join the rest of us in the quilting universe My fabric that didn't sell will go to our elderly care center and the journals will be added to the fall school supply "round-up" at our church. Oh, and I almost forgot...another avid quilter asked me to join her quilt guild. I was thrilled! So, all in all, it was a great "adventure"

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