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Quicker? half square triangles

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by , 04-09-2012 at 12:48 PM (1501 Views)
I've also used this method ... because I'm lazy and it makes several at once and no stitching on bias ... hope this makes sense ... if the square in your picture is say 2 1/2", cut 2 5" blocks (1 of each fabric) and on one piece (I do it on the lighter fabric) mark the centers on all sides and draw lines on center top to center bottom and center side to center side (your block now has 4 sections) then draw a line diagonal from the the center mark on top/bottom to the center mark on the sides. These will be your cut lines after you stitch. You can either draw lines or use your foot to stitch 1/4 inch on each side of the drawn diagonal line. After stitching, cut and you will have 8 1/2 square triangles. Again, not my idea ... read it somewhere.

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  1. maviskw's Avatar
    I just watched the video on U TUBE - "How to attach a continuous binding." That is pretty much how I do it, but she didn't have the magic triangle pressed in, so she was just sewing "by eye" across that last seam. I also find it easier to lay out those last two tails wrong side up, and pick them right sides together; then just twist them the correct way.
    When I'm showing people how to do this, I usually put my hands down on the table over the ends, fingers pointing toward each other, pick up my hands and "say my prayers" then twist my hands at the fingertips until they are at right angles. Then I can twist them the other way to show how to find the correct way that will put that pressed triangle in the right place. I guess you have to have a good imagination to figure this out. Have fun. Mavis
    I couldn't find the PM button anywhere, so I figured you might get this this way. It was posted on August 25. There are a few more there that you may not have read. Now you can delete this from this site. Thanks.

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