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by , 04-03-2012 at 08:12 PM (1290 Views)
I am so glad to have a quiet house again. I was supposed to have this last weekend without any grands but due to my SIL's dad passing away I ended up with Zach for 4 days instead.

I love him dearly but he talks nonstop. He replays all his favorite episodes of Wiggles or other shows by repeating all the lines of each show with all the inflexions and physical actions. Lots of jumping and lots of loud sounds! LOL He is a love and funny and always sweet but he is also LOUD! lol

The quiet always makes me miss the kids when they first go home but then I so enjoy the house with just my tv and occasionally my DH talking. So much less noise!!

So Zach went home tonight and I have Wed and Thurs free and then Fri my 13 almost 14 yr old DGS will be here for the weekend. He likes to come here for Holidays as my son goes to my brother in laws for Easter and Thanksgiving and Jake is not crazy about being there. My nieces are 13 and 11 and then the older nieces are young adults who are in and out of there all the time. There is always lots of little kids and he is uncomfortable with all of them. So Nathan and Jill let him come and stay with me. We usually have my other son and his family and my DD and her family. But these kids are Jakes cousins and he doesn't mind that.

Jake is the youngest of 4 with the older 3 being young adults now. So he likes to come here for some one on one attention with his "Grammy". LOL He just started calling me that recently. He thinks it is hilarious! He brings his computer and we sit and work or play on the computers. Talk and sometimes play card games or chess or checkers etc.

Jake is my oldest grandson by blood. His older brothers and sister came into our family by marriage.
When Jake was 8 mos old their babysitter quit on them and so I started keeping him every day for the next 3 years. I had him 10 hr days 6 days a week. So we have a tight bond. But he is growing up and I know he will be going his own way soon. I hope I have at least another year of him wanting to come here.

He loves my grilled cheese sandwiches and he loves my hashbrowns. He is a picky kid for me anyway. At home he doesn't get any choice if my son is home and cooking. But here I don't mind making him what he likes. When he and Joey my DD's 13 yr old were little I used to make french toast and cut it into fingers. Then I put syrup in a cup for them to dip. This is a must for Jake for breakfast while he is here. He used to love pancakes also but mostly he prefers french toast.

The twins Daymon and Devon and my DGD Rachel loves pancakes. I made them Mickey Mouse ones and we have freehanded some dogs and bunnies and ducks and the number 1 that looks like the number on here. They sometimes get to request animals and I do the best I can. They have to eat it even if it doesnt come out the best!! LOL

Of course when I first did the Mickey Mouse I was looking for something to decorate them with and I used choc chips for a mouth and put tiny marshmallows in the ears. So now they have to have the marshmallows and the choc chips with their pancakes!

I love that they have some traditions they will always remember me by.
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