Quilt label pen?

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by , 07-03-2013 at 01:51 PM (1888 Views)
Three years and the never ending King size Cathedral Window Quilt is still in progress. I have been thinking as I go. Question.... I have never done a label so was wondering what to use? Something that would be permanent and not run. I am wanting to write on the fabric itself instead of attaching a separate label. I see all of these that can be printed on your printer but wouldn't the ink run and/or wash out? I am thinking my logo plus pertinent info. Any advice would be tremendously appreciated!
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  1. Stormy Belle's Avatar
    I am new but I thought I would reply. I always embroidery the name of the person the quilt is for and my name and the date. I hope this helps.
  2. TeresaPendino's Avatar
    Thank you... I might try that... I haven't embroidered in years, though. Hope I remember how, lol.
  3. June K's Avatar
    The special pen for writing on fabric is called "Pigma Pen" and is available in several colors. They have a tendency to dry out over time so I keep mine in a plastic bag and in a cool place. The tip is very fine and with a little practice you will master making a label.
  4. banjergirl's Avatar
    If you use a pigma pen for your labels it is a good idea to iron your label fabric wrong side to the waxy side of freezer paper. This will stabilize the fabric so it is easy to write on. Actually you can use fine point Sharpies for this purpose too, be sure you iron the label when you are done to heat set the ink.
  5. TeresaPendino's Avatar
    Thank you all so much! Much appreciated

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