Quilt Sandwich

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by , 12-31-2012 at 07:07 AM (725 Views)
What are some of your ideas of where to make your quilt sandwich? I don't have a design wall and my table is not big enough. How do you make your quilt sandwich? I need help.
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  1. ktbb's Avatar
    I'm fortunate in having a wide counter between my kitchen and dining room. I tape one end of my backing to the far side of the counter, add the batting and top and pin well. Then, untape that section and move the pinned portion up until it hangs over the far edge and the unpinned portions are now on the counter top..keep doing this until the whole piece is done. I make sure that I re-tape the back each time I move the quilt forward. The weight of the hanging fabric on each side of the counter help keep the fabric on top straight and taut.

    to make it easier, I roll up the separate layers of unpinned fabric and unroll them one at a time when I need to pin them together. Does that make sense?
  2. carolaug's Avatar
    I use my kitchen floor...Not the best solution, but I take my time...use painters tape for the backing//tape to the floor...than use 505 spray. My quilts come out nice and smooth.
  3. marytoddliz's Avatar
    My husband made me an awesome quilting table. We bought a piece of ply wood 4 ft by 8ft then covered with batting, we used a heavy polyester batting it was less expensive and gave a little more cushion. Then we covered with heavy canvas, purchased at Hancock Fabrics on sale for about $10 a yard. We cut off a little of the length because of the space I have in my sewing room.

    when the canvas was taunt I held it in place and he stapled about every two inches.

    When I am using the table (which is most of the time) I have it setting on two ironing boards purchased off of Craig's list, for a few dollars each, not really good as Ironing boards but good sound structure for holding up the quilting table. I keep my table at the highest possible setting and have the Ironing boards going in opposite directions. I am tall so that is why I have it set high, less stress on the back.

    I used clamps that we get at the hardware store, to hold the quilt on the table. I put my top down first, them my batting and then the backing. after it is stretched nice and taunt I start pinning in the center and work my way out in a circle. Or i have used the spray glue a few times, it works ok if you are going to quilt it quickly.(It will dry out and not hold as well if the quilt is in the UFO pile for long!

    This has worked really really well for me and is so much less stressful than doing it on the floor, which I used to do. The table cost less than $100 to build and it doubles as a great ironing board for pressing blocks during construction.

    Really the only time I take the table down is when I am having company in my sewing room; like a quilting group or a basic sewing group that I have taught a few times. Or when we go on vacation, because I like to come home to a clean sewing room!

    If you have any questions send me a pm and I will help if I can.

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