Quilt Sew Clever Platimum 3000

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by , 05-06-2014 at 08:58 AM (415 Views)
I've had a my Platinum 3000, Quilt sew clever for about 18 months. But have 40 hrs on it at most. I can do quite well loading, and free motion. The computer is giving me problems. I loaded a design and all was good. I started quilting out the design and the screen went black. I had to set turn off the system and bring it up again. Set the area again and start where it left off. All was good, then the screen went black again and now won't come up at all. I checking with you all to see if this has ever happened to anyone. I will contact the distributer where I bought it and see if they can help me, though they have not been too helpful.


  1. ntransue's Avatar
    Check with the people you bought it from cuz it sounds like the computer could have a short in it

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