Quilted Recliner Slipcover Tutorial

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Tutorial for Quilted Recliner Slipcover

After my recent post Quilted Recliner Slipcover-thing several of you asked for a tutorial, so here goes my first tute on QB. Feel free to post questions or PM me. I included lots of pictures. The link above is to the first cover I made. Figure 1 shows the finished project that you’ll see in this tutorial.

I know this looks like a long project with lots of steps, but the chair cover is just a long rectangle with two short side panels. And the arm panels are also just rectangles with short front panels. After you read through to the end, you’ll see that the steps are actually easy.


Fabric for front and backing. I used 2.5 yards of quilting cotton of each, based on the size of my recliner. Your yardage requirements will vary depending on the measurements of your chair.

Fabric for binding. The amount will depend on the measurements of your recliner. I needed less than 1 yard for my binding.

Batting of your choice. I used cotton batting because we live in a hot climate.

Measurements for the Rectangle

You’ll need to make a couple of decisions and take some measurements.

1. First, decide how far down the outside back of the chair you want the cover to hang. On mine, the drop is about 11 inches.

2. Drape your tape measure from that drop point up and over the back of the chair, down to the seat, and across the seat to the front edge of the seat or wherever you want the cover to end. My measurement was 72 inches. Figure 2.

3. Add 4 to 6 inches to the length you determined in steps 1 and 2. (Be sure your total includes the drop over the outside back.) The extra inches are for “tuck in” at the back of the seat and to allow the cover to expand when the chair is reclined.

4. Measure the width of the back at its widest point. This will be the width of your rectangle. Be sure there is a little ease (add about 1 ˝ inches to the width measurement) so you can get the cover on and off easily and so it can shift around a little bit when someone moves around in the chair. Figure 3.

So now you have the measurements for your rectangle. Mine turned out to be 27” by 76”.

There is a Part 2...separate post.
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