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by , 07-15-2012 at 08:34 AM (1293 Views)
Wednesday 6:AM windy ridge cottage,
What a lovely morning! Right now one could not ask for better weather or temp. That will change later today, we are supposed to get temp's up in the 100s for the next 5 days or so, at least is is a dry heat, no humidity as yet.
I am out side at my new patio table in a really comfortable chair, I think I am really going to like this set. The love seat, coffee table and 2 other chairs are still in box's in the garage, but I have the 3 piece bistro out here where the patio will be. The patio bricks, are on pallets set out where they will be close to where they will be laid. Just waiting for the sand and gravel to arrive. Then work can start on the patio area. It will be 20'X20' with 10'X20' area covered next to the house. The fire pit will be out in the uncovered part, that is also where we will have the grill. DH did not want it built in as you cannot move it if the wind is in the wrong direction. So the grill will be free standing.
I had 8 visits from the humming birds yesterday, and got all 3 feeders up with fresh nectar for them. I just love those little hummers!

Well DH and I went to Luke's for lunch Sunday and we found out our neighbor's DD was having her baby later that day, so I went home and started a baby quilt for her, delivered it yesterday. So I have been doing some quilting. Hard to do when things are still unfinished, but I did also get all the outside shutters painted, they now match the roof and what a difference it makes! It was a bit scary for this old lady to be climbing a ladder and reaching up painting, but by gum I got it done. But I think I will leave the arch trim above the double window to some one else to do, as it is really to high for me. I just can not see me up there on a ladder trying to get up that high, but I do think that it needs to be painted as it will bring the eye up to that round top window.

Oh it is so lovely out here right now I wish I could share it with all of you, having my morning cuppa tea to the birds singing, and chirping, it is nice and cool, the sun it up and it is just lovely!

I have to start thinking about what fabric and dye goodies I am going to have to order, for when my dye house is ready to use. My contractor brought my little air conditioner yesterday. So I will have air in there for the summer, and heat in the winter as needed. Water and a double sink. Elec for lights and heat, hot plate, blender ect. ect. I will be doing all my dyeing and fabric painting in there. It sure will be great to have one special place to do all that and not have to worry about tracking it in the house. Another 6 or 7 weeks and every thing should be done and we can really move in. Well I am here, but DH is still over at the other house and so are the cats, I sure do miss Pye! Zia is more DH's but Pye is mine and I sure do miss her.
I am getting all my sewing things here so my contractor can see what I will be needing in the way storage and cupboards, as well as the counter for my sewing machines. Oh it will be so great when it is all done, I can hardly wait! I think it is the waiting to get every thing done that is the hardest part.

Well I think while it is still nice and cool I will get in and get started on my quilt. I have the hand painted fabric I am going to use for the background for my other 2 girls wall quilts, if I have all three done and the girls fuzed on maybe I will get the beading and yarn hair on them. A nice project to work on in hot weather, no big bulky quilt to sit under. I have to get myself back to quilting each day or I will forget how to use my machines, LOL I still have blocks to make for my black and copper quilt, both the 12 and the 6 I have all but one of the 6 embroidery squares done, so I do have a good start on that part. I have to make at least one block a day, which is so little to do, then in no time I will find it is all ready to put together. I think I will see about getting my design wall up today. I have all the materials to do except the trim but that is no worry. I really need my design wall, I find it is so much easier to see what is going on with a quilt when you have it up on the wall, and it helps me to get going and keep on going till it is done. When the blocks are just stacked up on the table you do not really see what is done and what needs to be done. Yes design wall needs to be done today.

Well I hope every one has a great day of stitching, and that no ripping is needed today!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~leaha
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  1. clsurz's Avatar
    Just now found this site has a blog area and happy to find yours here Leaha. Now I can keep up with you and not keep sending you IM's asking how you are.

    I'm very happy for you and your new home and I certainly envey your dye and paint building. I've been seriously thinking of getting one myself but have to first check the city code regarding that since I already have a building to store my yard stuff. I think I can get away with it but not sure.


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