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by , 07-27-2012 at 05:54 AM (1245 Views)
Update on house: 2 bedrooms, hall laundry room and living room all painted, even the ceilings. Plumber came and installed the shower floor thing, tile man coming next week to do the tile, then it needs to be painted, I am so sore, getting too old to do painting any more but once I get it all done, I will not have to worry about it any more for a good long time.

Today I have to get started on the baby quilt I have been asked to make, the colors are pale lemon yellow, and a light dove gray, little stars and some embroidery of owls. I found some wonderful batiks at Handcocks of Paducah with the yellow and grays, even found a little piece of the one I had that I needed more of. I love living so close to Paducah as I shop at Handcocks of Paducah for most of my fabrics, and I go right to the end of the bolts tables, and get all my batiks for half price.

My 7550 was not ready as yet but I did get my serger , nice to have it back home and ready to serge when I need it. I really must use it more. But it got a nice cleaning and check up.

The 7550 will look real nice next to the 3, 7570's as they look the same, only diff is the 50 does not have the embroidery unit, or place for the cards. So now all my machines match, well sorta, the feather weight 221 and the nolting on the frame and the serger do not match but I can live with that. LOL

Oh to get the shelves and some cupboards up here in the studio, so I can get every thing put away, I really like to have a really clean area to do my sewing in, every thing put away except the one thing I am working on. I have my flannel wall and I need to take down all the projects on it and make room for the baby quilt. Clutter just stifles me and I can not do a thing. Will be so glad when my dye/paint little house is all done so I can move all the paints, dyes, and all that goes with it out to the little house. Will free up some room in my studio and be far less cluttered. I really dread the day when all the rest of the sewing room stuff gets moved over here from the old house, where ever will I put it all? I haven't even started to get my quilt books and mags here, still have 2 more chairs to move over,oh all kinds of stuff yet to move.

Well have to get ready, am meeting hubby for breakfast at ten and so want to make at least one quilt block. Have a good one~~~~~~~~~
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  1. clsurz's Avatar
    Leaha you can send the excess sewing roof stuff my way if you want to.

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