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by , 03-31-2013 at 08:24 AM (903 Views)
Well almost done with the house, just have one cupboard to have put in and all the doors on them then done for a while. Will be so nice after a year of having contractors in and out to have the house to ourselves.

I have some updates as to my sewing room, I now have 4 lovely 221's,
#1, Zelenka (little green one) she is a shimmering green, 2-27-47
#2 Keaira (little dark one) she is black 6-18-48
#3 Brigit she is a lovely shimmering blue 5-4-53
#4 Devin (little black one) she is also black, 2-27-59

I have even started to use them, when my Brigit arrived she would not work, the light went on, and the motor hummed but it was like she was straining and just could not move. The belt was too tight and I fixed it!! This is a huge thing for me as I am so not a into fixing machines of any kind, not that I do not want to, it is just rockets over my head. I am going to learn how to keep these babies in good shape. Got the book.

I have been giving a 4-H class and the twins are using my 7570's to make their table runners, they are 9 years old and never sat at or used a sewing machine before and are doing great. We are having lots of fun.

Things turned out so funny, green machine has green Ott light and green pin cushion, with green pins. Blue machine, has blue Ott light and blue pin cushion and yes blue pins. Devin has Hot pink Ott lamp, and red pin cushion with black pins, and Keaira shares white lamp with my serger.

May some day I can have one of the black ones painted hot pink. Or not.

I am making a cover up that goes over the fold up part of the bed, and goes across the bed, in a lovely green and blue rippled stripe. then have to make the machines each a dust cover. Also have to make dust covers for all the 7570's too. Can't leave them out. Maybe I should make one for my Nolting 14, my serger has a plastic one but should make a nice quilted one to match the rest of the machines. And I could embroidery each ones name on there cover, LOL

I am so looking forward to the quilt show next month, here in Paducah. So much to see, so many wonderful quilts, and so many quilters from all over! And so many tempting vendors with so many goodies!! I feel like I have every thing I could want in my studio that I do not need to buy a thing, but I know there will some thing or several some things I just can not resist, LOL So must put my self on a budget, or I may just come home with a hot pink 221!!! Four 221's and 4, Pfaff 7570's fit just perfect in my studio, with my nolting, so any more would be just too many and have to sit in a box. So would have to sell one of my black 221's to help pay for the hot pink, or fushia one. Now that's an idea. Hummmmmm.

I have 2 Pfaff machines that are in cases on the floor, already, do I really need another one? I guess it is is not a matter of need, but one of want. I just want one, LOL Its like do I really need another quilt, well no but I want to make lots more, so I do.

Well off to catch up on the board and then off to do some sewing, happy stitching all~~~~~~~~~~


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