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by , 07-11-2013 at 05:32 AM (1019 Views)
Well I think I am getting my self in a fix, LOL such a lovely place to be. I have been thinking I need to get a little red barn shed to sit next to my dye cottage, for my finished quilts and hand dyed fabric, that I will have for sale. Now think I will need it it more than ever, as I have a new disease called machine-itess, I really have enough machines, 4 Pfaff 7570's which I love dearly. And a couple of other Pfaffs and a Pfaff serger. One nolting mid arm, and 4 little beauties, my Singer 221's, 2 black, one blue and one green. Well yesterday honest I was not looking, but some one posted a link to a E-bay white 221, well it was just so cute, and with the shipping it was the same price I paid for my black 221's, so for me it was a great deal. And my finger just went over to that buy it with one click button, and click!
So now I think I will have to move the serger into the guest room, so I can make room for my new little gal. That's it, no more. I have 5 treadle tables, just enough for the 221's, one 7570 in a flat bed sewing desk, and the other 3 are on the big typing desk and table, in the middle of the room. Along with my mid arm, my room fit the ten machines, just fine, any more, is just too much, as it is have 2 pfaffs in there case's, not set up for use. Now will have to move the serger, (I have only used it twice, so not a hardship) But thinking that I will so need that barn!! things are getting tight in here, and I am so hoping I can get over this machine-ittess.
Well I have to get back to finishing the one case I have, got the out side sanded and now to put on new hinges and lining. Happy stitching all~~~~~~~~~~~~


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