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by , 07-22-2013 at 05:14 AM (886 Views)
My little dye cottage is almost finished, still have to hook up sink and water, and a bit of mud for drywall under the upper windows. But that did not stop me from moving in and Sat. the girls and I did some fabric painting. was so nice in there with the air on as was in the mid 90's here that day. Another couple of weeks every thing should be done and I can start dyeing. Called Dharma and placed a nice order of PFD fabric, I think I ordered 6 bolts. 25 yards each, of 60"wide fabric, that should do me for a bit. I also ordered a spin dryer, that will be a huge help, and will go nice with my Panda washer. Will make it so much easier for me. I have all my buckets (25 one gal size) on the shelf under the counter, and my 4, five gal size are on bottom shelf. washer will go under the laundry sink, until I need to use it. I have all my paints moved in, and my dyes, all my tools, well every thing but my books, and a small folding table, which I have to go buy yet, but really almost all set. Gosh it feels so good to have it so close to being finished! I can hardly wait.
This Friday I am going to take the twins (from my 4H class) to Paducha for a girls day out, the quilt museum and Handcocks of Paducah, will be 2 of our first visits. Lunch and a bit of shopping. Need to get them each a sewing basket. Got them each a pin cushion and ripper in their colors, yellow for one and blue for the other. LOL try finding sewing tools in those 2 colors. What fun. and to make it a bit more difficult the yellow gal is a lefty. Where does one find yellow left handed scissors. I found blue right handed one for Becka, but for Beth I am still on the hunt.
This week I should have my new little FW, any day now. and I have to go to town one day and pick up the one I took in to be serviced, the motor was really sluggish, so think it needed more than I could do for it.

Quilt guild meeting tonight, so will have to think about what to take for show and tell.
Till next time hugs and happy stitching~~~~~~~~~~~~
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