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by , 07-25-2013 at 08:31 AM (833 Views)
Well had a busy week, first did some ordering, 6 bolts of 60" wide PFD fabric for dyeing. Then ordered a spin dryer for my dye studio, Have the Panda washer already. Also ordered some dyes, have all the paints, inks, and what not that I could ever need.
I also got a folding table 2X5 feet, it fits perfect in my little shed, now have the perfect place to sit and paint, the counter top and laundry sink are just right for dyeing, have 2 shelves under to store buckets and a couple of plastic drawers for fabric. Have cupboards for dyes and paints, a shelf for all the little tools I use.
My music is played on a small CD player, not the best, but it works LOL With heat and air, I can use my dye shed all year now, when ever I need or want a certain color of fabric and do not have it on hand, no need to run to fabric store, just pop out to the shed and dye it up, or if just a tad needed I can paint just what I need with no extras.
I have enough room to also have a guest either painting or dyeing, this will be so nice for my 4H class. They can dye their fabric, and or paint it, then make it into a quilt.
Friday I am taking the twins to the quilt museum, then lunch then out and about for some fun shopping. (the twins are the girls I had in 4H class, but they still come on Sat. to do more sewing dyeing and quilting)

I sent in my check for a 5 day quilt retreat at the runaway quilters retreat in Sept. I signed up for one class, so as soon as I get the supply list, I will dye up the fabric I need.
I am so ready to pack right now LOL can't wait.
all for now happy stitching all~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~leaha
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