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by , 08-20-2013 at 12:29 PM (1339 Views)
the cottage is done, I have water, elec, lights, air, heat, outlets for iron, hair dryer, washer, spin dryer, music on CD player, fan, every thing I could want or need. I find now I spend some time in the cottage every day, either dyeing or painting fabric. Sat. the twins and I spent time painting their fabric for there dragon quilts. Sun. I did some fabric for mine. Mon. I heat set fabric, today I went out first thing, heat set my deep purple fabric for my dragon, will do the sliver fabric this afternoon.
My next 4H class starts on the 29th this month, the class is called, "dyeing to quilt" and the girls will be dyeing all their fabric, to make their quilt.
Tonight at the home makers meeting I will find out about the adult class. And about starting a quilt guild, or quilting group here.
Mon. and tue. for 4H, Wed. I go to the ice house for sit and sew days, so adult class will be on Thur. or Friday eve. Then Sat the 4H twins, their class is over but they still come, they like spending time with me playing with the fabric, painting and sewing, so Sat.s will be just for any one who wants to sew or what ever it will be open day.
With my quilt guild, season tickets to the theater in Paducah, 2, 4H classes, and adult classes, sit and sew days twice a month, I think it will be a busy season, but will try to keep up with all that goes on here on the board, this is the best place on the web! I love seeing all the new quilts every one is doing, I do not always have time to post comments on each one, but have yet to see one quilt here that was not a beauty in it's own way.
I hope all your lives are full of love and happy stitching!~~~~~~~~~~~~


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