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by , 06-07-2012 at 04:06 PM (1234 Views)
When I went to the Paducah quilt show this year, I got 8 box's of Polar Notions mini bolts. I have been wrapping my fabric on them and oh my I can get so much more fabric stored in the same space and so much nicer looking, and easy to get to. I really really like these mini bolts!!!

I have my new room arranged well enough now that I can get some sewing done. Still have lots of things to move over here from the other house, but no worries I can work on a project again, and that is what I need to do. This not being able to do any sewing at all has not been a good thing.
I think I have decided on where every thing I have here is going to go, and where I will have my design wall. I have moved things around and around, this here then there, move it again and again, well for now every thing is staying right where it is. I can move around the room and the fabric is is one area, the long arm stuff is all in one area, close to my machine so easy to get to, and the cutting table is close to the fabric stash. ( I have a very modest fabric stash)

I still have my hand quilting frame to move over here, just not sure where to put it. I will find the right place for it as I have plenty of room for it.

I have one last part of my MAQ14 machine to get put together and then I can start playing with it, I can hardly wait, but think I am going to have to call some one to help walk me through how to get it together. I really need help.

Yesterday I took tow friends to the quilt museum, not so sure it was such a great idea. Before seeing the quilts there my dear friend thought I was a great quilter. I have been telling her for years, not so, but she still would tell others what a great quilter I was, LOL now that she has seen some really great, and I do mean great art quilts I think my status as a great quilter has come down to earth where it belongs. I loved seeing her reaction to the truly beautiful quilts that were on display. It was so wonderful sharing with her the art I love. She is a artist in her own right, she is a sculptress, and will be doing oil painting next. Sculpting is so hard on her hands.

Well I think that is it for today, more when I have something to share, happy stitching everyone!~~~~~~~~~~~~


  1. clsurz's Avatar
    Everyone should go to that quilt museum. Paduach is so rich in the arts of all types including quilting arts. I truly envy those that live in that area.

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