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by , 06-07-2012 at 04:11 PM (1077 Views)
June 7th at Windy Ridge Cottage;
I have not posted much in the last weeks, as I have been really, really busy running around and around! I feel like I am going in circles and will soon see my own back side if I do not slow down, but it has been so much fun.

My first big change, is that we have bought a new house, and I am in the midst of changing many things in the house, like carpet out, bamboo in. So far I have the bamboo flooring in the studio, hall and my bedroom. Many other changes to be done, but will try too keep my blog about quilting, after all this is a quilting board.

My studio: size 18'X23'. gas log fireplace centered on the west wall, love seat sofa to one side of it, with flat screen TV across the area rug from it. I have several quilting DVD's and want to be able to see them in detail.

The french doors face the south and go out to the covered patio, I had a new ocean blue metal roof put on the house and had a 10'X20' extended roof to go over part of the patio area.

There is another smaller window on the south wall. The east wall has a double window with a round half arch window above it, gives lots of wonderful light in here. The walls are a cream color. And this is the only room in the house with a high vaulted ceiling. Two ceiling fans, with lights and 6 spots and a chandelier. With my 6 Ottlite lamps and my floor lamp I think I will have plenty of light.

Now about a couple of things I have gotten for my sewing room. I bought this darling sewing basket at English's sew and Vac a couple of years ago, that has dress forms with french corsets, so cute! And one evening when chatting with craftybear and surfing the net, what did I find but a folding screen with the very same french corsets on dress forms as my sewing basket, one to each panel. Well you know I just had to get it and I did. It goes great in my room, and if I need to hide a bit of a mess when some one pops over I can just move the screen and hide my mess. Or if someone needs to try on some thing, well we have the screen to change behind.

As some of you know I dye fabric, and I like to do it out side. So I got my dye shed. LOL it is so dang cute, Cape Cod play house, built by an Amish gent and I just love looking out my window and seeing that darling little house!. Unlike most sheds this little house has 5 little windows, two with planter box's, by the child size front door, (good thing there is a big people size door on the side LOL) My contractor will be finishing off the inside, power, insulation, paneling, flooring, cabinets and bench to work at.

Well enough for today, more later, will keep updates as to how my room is coming along, happy stitching from a quilter at heart, leaha
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  1. Judith1005's Avatar
    Sounds like an awesome place to "play and create". Pictures pretty please. Have fun in you new space.

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