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Quilters poem

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by , 09-25-2013 at 10:27 PM (881 Views)
My life is but a quilting
between The Lord and me
i may not know the pattern he
knows what it shall be.
For he can see the quilting
from the upper side, while i

I can only see it from the underside.
Sometimes he blocks in sorrow
which seems so cruel to me,
But I must trust his choices
and go on painfully.
It's god who chose the pattern and he knows what's
best for me,
So I must trust his judgement and go on faithfully.

the rest tomorrow

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  1. Wounded warrior wife's Avatar
    2nd half...
    It's God who chose the pattern,
    he knows what's best for me I must
    trust his judgment and quilt though i
    I cannot see

    Not til the quilt is finished and my fingers cease to fly
    shall God reveal his pattern
    and explain the reason why.

    the dark blocks are as needed
    in the quilters skillfull hand as the blocks of gold an sIlver in
    the quilt that he has planned
    so dry your tears of sorrow
    Your quilt is almost done.
    In the show of life you entered,
    the judging has begun
    Rejoice The Lord is near,
    the quilt you entered for heaven... Has won!
  2. Grace creates's Avatar
    I really love that poem and it put things into terms I relate to so well.

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