Quilting Christmas List

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by , 10-29-2012 at 07:37 AM (664 Views)
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I don't have anyone to buy me nice quilty gifts for Christmas, since my divorce. But I am seriously considering dropping by my LQS and asking them to make me up a "Surprise package" for a set amount of $. How sad is that?

Cheer up! Life is good after divorce! I think that surprise package is a fine idea....have them wrap it and put it "Under the Tree"
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  1. gramajo's Avatar
    That sounds like a great idea. What a fun surprise to find under your tree.
  2. sarahconner's Avatar
    Been divorced since 1987. BEST thing that ever happened to me
  3. Judith1005's Avatar
    That sounds like a fantastic idea. I hope you go for it. I agree, have them wrap it up. Next year, join us over at the secret santa swap also. And, join the fun.
    For some of us, this may be the only gift we receive for the holiday season. But, it is oh so much fun to plan for your secret giftee. Join in the good natured teasing.
  4. Jingle's Avatar
    See if there is a freecyle in your area. I have read postings on this board about others. Check out the goodwills and salvation army thrift stores in your area. Some have posted great finds at all the above.
  5. Fiona O'S's Avatar
    At least you wont get THAT lookwhen you come home with MORE fabric! I hope youhave a lovely Christmas, get yourself something really nice!

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