Quilting frame inquiry

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by , 07-20-2013 at 07:57 AM (1418 Views)
Hi all, while I have been a lurker up until now I know that you all can help me figure this out.
I purchased a "floor model" 5 foot quilting frame from a local Bernina dealer and really feel like I have been ripped off. I asked the dealer about the ease of setting up and was told that it was just a matter of putting in 4 screws on either side, that it came in 2 flat boxes that would store under the bed and the footprint was approx. 5'x4'. I was asked to wait until it could be torn down before taking ownership (a couple weeks). When I received a call from the dealer saying I could pick it up, I verified with the caller that it was the original frame I had purchased and not the older one that was also for sale...I was told that it was the correct one. When I picked it up, I again asked if it was the correct one and was assured that it was. Anyway, there are YouTube instructions for assembly (very simple), a set of written instructions including an inventory list and I began assembly (I have neuropathy so have to really pace myself). It turns out that NOTHING was correct, the parts were for a 10' foot frame, the parts were miss-matched, some were missing altogether. I feel so betrayed by a dealer I trusted, that I just don't know what recourse I have...I cannot move it by myself and they have not offered to make good on their promises. Who can I talk to to get the issue resolved? They have lost a loyal customer and I have a frame that I cannot use.


  1. GiGi's Avatar
    Turn them into the BBB and let them know that you have and will call the TV station Ombudsman and have the store investigated for fraud. I can almost guarantee you that your money will be refunded and they will come and pick the frame up at your home. Tks. GiGi
  2. beckyrae's Avatar
    Thanks Gigi, I tried to stop payment but the credit card co said they'd investigate, not charge me until it was resolved. I will contact the BBB, also post a review on yelp. And I will call the tv station...I really appreciate your input, thank you, I feel a little saner now
  3. MothrNatr's Avatar
    I find that posting on a company's facebook page sometimes helps.
  4. cma's Avatar
    As a retired Bernina Dealer, I would suggest asking them to install it for a fee. We used to charge $50-$75 to set it up in a customer's home. If they refuse, I would suggest contacting Bernina and lodging a formal complaint. (as long as the table is a bernina product). That WILL cause them some hurt!
    Sorry this has happened to you

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