Quilting Laura Heine collage quilt

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by , 07-14-2017 at 05:48 PM (247 Views)
Any suggestions on quilting the Laura Heine collage quilts. The flowers are fused, but do I have to quilt every edge? Has anyone done this? Thanks.
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  1. Sangquilt's Avatar
    sorry for interrupting the thread. I am new to this site. I want to know the rules for hand quilting. How is hand quilt judged. My stitches from quilt top side are smaller than bottom size.
  2. rjbquilts's Avatar
    I think it depends on the use of the quilt. If it's going to be a wall hanging, you can fuse it as firmly as posible, and probably be ok. But if it's going to be snuggled under, you have to stitch it all down or it will start peeling at the edges.

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