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Quilting Tools

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by , 12-29-2011 at 06:46 PM (959 Views)
Hi Ladies, I really appreciate all the help you have given me by answering my newbie questions. So here's a few more. What are the most basic sized rulers with quilting that are used the most? What size of a mat is a good size to purchase. I don't want to buy more tools than I need. Thanks, you are sew helpful.
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  1. Judith1005's Avatar
    I use a 23 x 23 cutting mat (blue) June Taylor (wal-mart)
    And a 23 x 6 1/2 Easy Rule II by Sharon Hutgren (wal-mart)

    I started with these two rulers and their my favorite and get used all the time.
    They were the most inexpensive ones wal-mart carried at the time. I'm sure you may be able to use JoAnn Fabric coupons for a great deal also.

    I have a Fisker 45mm rotory cutter. But, I'm NOT crazy about it. I've had it two years and you have to tighten the bolt every time you use it. (several times when in use.) You might want to ask others how they like there rotory cutters. I just can't justify spending more money on a new one yet because technically it does work. So, I'm just hanging out until I find a can't pass up deal. Good Luck. Hope you get lots of feed back. You can always pm me if you want to get more info.

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