Quilts to Grandchild

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by , 08-19-2012 at 05:37 PM (688 Views)
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I would never say anything to someone on how they used my gift. All the quilts I have given away have been loved and treated with love, however if I felt hurt by the treatment of one I would never give that person another quilt.
I must add that I have given quilts to my grandchidren & when I asked him if it was keeping him warm, he said he "lost it" My daughter-in-law never uses anything I give them, homemade or bought, believe me, this hurts. What would you do ??;/
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  1. patski's Avatar
    If he mentions again he lost it, sympathize and let it go. But I would NEVER make another quilt for his mother, make another quilt for him but save it till he is older and lives on his own, and then I'd only give it if he has learned to appreciate things. Sorry you have such an unhappy dil
  2. Jingle's Avatar
    My youngest Daughter took all the quilts I had made for her threenkids when she left her second Husband, Father to two of them. When she was still there, if she didn't like what was given to the kids, it went poof. I'm so glad she is out of the family now.
  3. ElsieMaeMae's Avatar
    Oh my goodness can I relate to this!!! When my little granddaughter was born I was soooo thrilled that my son had a baby daughter after bringing up 2 sons myself. I quickly went to work making little knitted things for her and made 4 smocked dresses, little blankets and quilts. None of them were ever accepted, worn or used. It REALLY hurt! I FINALLY realize that I cannot control what others do but I can control what I do so, I've decided to not make any more of anything for her until she is old enough to accept it for herself or refuse it if she doesn't want it. She is only 4 and the quilt shown on my site here is for her. It was labor intensive and made with a lot of love but I will save it for her for when she is much older and can appreciate it.
  4. 3TreeFrog's Avatar
    I cannot understand why people don't use home made gifts. My husband's grand mother gave me some pink sleepers when I was pregnant, (I had a boy) however I still took the time to put them on my son and send her a photo of my son in his pink sleepers!
  5. ppatti1051's Avatar
    I would be so hurt, and I must say flat out angry in these situations. My grand children, including the half grown boys will tell me just off the cuff how much warmth and comfort they get from their quilts I make for them. All my gifts last Christmas were handmade, and I tried to get all the family to play dirty Santa. They started running for cars to lock things in trunks, lol. I am so sorry for those who have been hurt by these types of situations. God Bless you.
  6. berrypatch's Avatar
    Thank all of you for your input. I personally would treasure any item made with love or handed down from my mother or grandma.

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