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Quilts of Valor

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by , 04-27-2014 at 12:11 PM (609 Views)
It was a rainy weekend, so I used the time to finish up the quilting on two quilts of valor. I used pantographs on both quilts. The star quilt got a simple swirl. It is a great panto because it can go two passes without having to advance the quilt. This makes the quilting go nice and quick.

There was a hiccup in the middle of quilting, one of the sides of this star was completely loose and I caught the foot and needle under it, surprised me because I was going along so well!

I had to back up and carefully go over the open edge. It looks bad because of the thread hiccup, but that's the way it goes. I should have frogged it out, but that would have been just as messy with dark thread on a light background, so I just left it. Later I hand whipped the loose edge back down.
The backing is a wide 108" navy blue mottled print. I quilted with navy thread. When the first one was done, I advanced the quilt and loaded the second one right next to the first. You can see the edge of the first quilt in red just under the take up bar. I used the same thread, so saved some time there too.

New panto was put on, one called Tiger Swirl. It looks a little more masculine, and kind of reminds me of fireworks.

I finished the binding on the star quilt on Sunday.

The spool quilt binding will be done this week.

Happy Quilting!!


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