Quilts without Corners "Encore"

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by , 07-31-2013 at 12:05 PM (4289 Views)
I have looked everywhere, on and off line, to find this book, even used. No luck!! If ANY ONE has it, or specifically the patterns for the Eagle and the Phoenix, I will happily buy them from you. I have a "Platinum Edition" of Quilts Without Corners, by the same designer (Cheryl Phillips) but it does not have either of those patterns in it. Check your book shelves, please. Many thanks, Ruth
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  1. quiltingloulou's Avatar
  2. Lynda Laver's Avatar
    Hi, I got my copy direct from the philips web site, hope this helps
  3. RuthiesRetreat3's Avatar
    I tried that before and they didn't have this book listed. I just checked again and it still is not listed. I believe it is 'out of print' and so I also checked all kinds of used books outlets. Still can't find it. Would you be willing to share the patterns for the Phoenix and the Eagle? I would gladly pay. Thanks.
  4. RuthiesRetreat3's Avatar
    Thanks for the suggestion quiltingloulou. Unfortunately, my computer security (webroot) won't let me access this site due to it containing 'malicious content'. I'll try it thru another search engine and see if I can get on that site.
  5. buckingtrout's Avatar
    there are three used copies of this book being sold as of today Monday Aug 5 on They are expensive though
  6. buckingtrout's Avatar
    correction website address is
  7. RuthiesRetreat3's Avatar
    thanks, Buckingtrout. I went to that site but each of the books is different than the one I want. And I almost passed out when I saw the price on the third book!!! GULP! I can't believe someone would charge that much.
    Thanks anyway, Ruth
  8. Quilterbear's Avatar
    I too would love to have this book. I called the author and was told it was out of print and they were working on getting the patterns all into one book, but it would be awhile before it would be in print. So disappointed. I wanted to do several of the designs from it.
  9. RuthiesRetreat3's Avatar
    Quiltbear, when I contacted to authors (finally got thru with an answer since I left my correct email address this time) and they have put me on a list for when they republish this book or selected patterns from the Encore book. Ask them to put you on the list.
  10. pbeaulieu's Avatar
    I don't know if anyone has found the Quilts Without Corners Encore book but I just purchased it from
    It is from Canada. I believe the book price was $24 something, and shipping was a bit pricey, but I didn't want to wait until Philips Textiles reprinted the patterns. I didn't get a confirmation yet but am assuming book is available since it accepted my order. Just wanted to post it here in case you find it helpful.
  11. ntransue's Avatar
    go to amazon or alibris (old and rare books)

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