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by , 05-22-2014 at 08:06 AM (1121 Views)
I am so happy, the quilt I made for the 4H raffle brought in the $1000. we hoped to raise to buy sewing machines for the gals in 4H classes. a lady from Ha. won, so now one of my quilts will go way way west.

I am still up in the clouds from the quilt show, I just love my new little raspberry 221 FW, looks so cute with the green on one side and the blue on the other side, the 2 black ones are on the outer tables.

One of the things I learned at the show was how to load a quilt in my frame to use my mid arm to quilt it, Well that only took two years to get around to LOL

At one of the booths I saw this darling quilt I just HAD to have, it was called the quilter, well I got the pattern, the face, and the fabric pack, got home and went to put it away, ah what is this????? I found I already had 2 of them, well took two back to the show the next day and they were so nice they let me trade one for the witch pattern and the other for the geisha, such lovely people to do the trade for me. I just wish I could remember what all I have gotten from year to year and not get the same thing every year! LOL Well guess I better do up that quilt, or I will see it next year and buy another one. I thought it would so nice on the wall in my studio, must get busy on it.

Right now doing the hand quilting on my 3ed quilt from my "dyeing to quilt" class. Have the first two done and ready to hang. Once I get the 3ed one done and get them all hung I will take pictures and try to post them.

Well have a couple of quilts to work on today so must get busy, have a great quilt day!!
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  1. cathyvv's Avatar
    Wow! $1000 is a big haul for a 4H raffle! congrats.
  2. leaha's Avatar
    Thank you, was so happy it brought in as much as was needed to get 2 machines, now they have 4 new machines the same, so much easier for teachers and the gals to only have one machine to learn.
    That is one of the reasons I got 221s for my studio. easy to use and take care of my self, and I love the pretty colors I have LOL

    Quote Originally Posted by cathyvv
    Wow! $1000 is a big haul for a 4H raffle! congrats.

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