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by , 04-21-2012 at 01:54 PM (404 Views)
need to create a quilt to raffle as an fund raiser for a 10 yr old little boy with inop brain tumor. single mom with 3 kids working full time. Got any ideas on a pattern that is eye catching, med bills are piling up.
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  1. Lynrd's Avatar
    Hi-I think a Bug Jar quilt would be great. It's easy and would be representative of a 10 year old boy, too. The quilt could be loved and enjoyed by any age group. I hope you agree and good luck!
  2. DonnaQuilts's Avatar
    Our guild makes "soldier" quilts from a 6" squares and it looks like dissapearing 9 patch. All the 3" squares are in the same position, usually the lower right. I made one for my husband in brown and everybody loves it.
    We make the 6" square, and do 9 at a time from the same fabric. Make 6" squares, cut 2 in half and that gives 4-6X3 pieces for the sides. Take one of the 6" squares and cut into 4 pieces, which is 3 X 3 squares.
    Sew the 3" square to the bottom of one of the 3/6 pieces.
    Sew them to the sides of the 6" squares.
    The side pieces are harmonizing fabric, but the 3X 3 matches the 6" piece.
    We all get together and do this and trade for the side pieces. Usually it works well.
    The fabric choices dictate whether it is a male or female quilt.
    The one I made for my husband is all shades or brown and some is small floral an he didn't mind.
    Deer, turkeys or other camp type material would be great. I have made 5 so far and could even tolerate making more, as it is not tedious. I know where to grab them and don't even need to pin them now, as they are small and easy to guide through the machine. Be sure to use the same template al the way through to avoid slight differences there. All you even have is 6" pieces to divide. It is too easy and you will love it.
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