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Ready for Fall

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by , 09-16-2012 at 05:45 AM (1209 Views)
As the cooler temperatures have begun to move in, I am getting ready for the quilting season. My hours at work will decrease and I am getting ready. I took the first batch of patterns to my printer with instructions to enlarge 200% up to 600%. Many of the patterns will be multiples put together into a single quilt. A garden quilt for my sister is a still life type with gloves, tools, hat and other things. In the background will be a wheelbarrow loaded with stuff and in the foreground will be a basket loaded with veggies. So three patterns to make one loaded quilt. I also have a lady golfer to make to block some of the very bright sun coming in through a huge window beside the accountant who just happens to be a golfer! As soon as the laundry is done I will be headed into work. Between customers I am allowed to trace patterns onto WonderUnder and prepare for fusing. This seems like the best place to hold myself accountable as I work on multiple things. With others watching I may (hopefully) do better. Reminds me of a food journal! Got to grab patterns and fusible....later
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  1. owlvamp's Avatar
    How do you make the pattern so much bigger? Do you have to piece it together and copy just pieces of it?
  2. applique's Avatar
    I take my patterns to a local printer with a large format printing machine (up to 36 inches across). Staples and Kinko would not make copies due to copyright issues, but my printer will do a single copy for my own personal use. I do show and tell at the print shop when the quilt is done!

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