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by , 07-08-2019 at 11:12 AM (33 Views)
This will be my first blog posting. I have not had any kind of blog since my BBS day some 20 years ago. Back then I would write and provide a great many ideas and services on the WWW. I had a very active web page that saw 100's of people daily. I provided everything from mystery quilts to swaps. It was fun but also a lot of work. Those FIDO/USENET days were the early day of computer networking.
Today I am working on several different projects. Seems I always have a needle, thread or fabric in my hand. My sewing room is alway in a state of something... I don't know what to call it.
Well here is what is going on today 1. I am almost finished making a prairie point trivet/potholder. 2. I am working on a tutorial for making a Cathedral Windows quilt. 3. I have a quilt that I was ask to rebuild/repair or salvage what ever I can of a graduation quilt for my goddaughter. This has become more of a UFO than anything else because of what I was given to work with. More on this project later. 4. I have 140 yds of fabric that need to be put on bolt board or folded or bagged. I am about 1/2 way finished with this project. I know I will not get everything done today that is on my list. If I make a dent in these things today I am going to be thrilled. The fabric has to be close to done before the end of the day or I won't be able to walk through the living room. Here are pictures of what is left of my living room until I have all the fabrics up off the floor. The other pic is of the nightmare quilt that each of these pieces have wonderunder on them making the sewing and quilting a nightmare. More on this bad boy later on.
Now did I mention house work? Not today. I don't have to consider much anyway since it is only DH and I . Dust is the enemy here!
I get up at 6:00am and will go to bed after 11:00pm and have a quilty day. This is called retirement! more later.
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