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Fluff--Brkf. Food

you will need a large mixing bowl, and spoon.
1 regular sized container of sugar-free or fat-free cool whip.
1 regular sized box of sugar free pudding, I prefer lemon or banana, chocolate was not that great!
1 16oz container of SMALL curd cottage cheese, fat-free!

place the cottage cheese in bowl, sprinkle the pudding on top and mix really well then fold in the whipped topping...chill...

serving is 1 cup for regular people, I only get 1/2 cup!

is also good with sugar free jello and drained fruit, makes a salad of sorts...for kids!

Carmel Apple Salad
3 apples chopped (any kind, mix and match) fuji works great
1 cup honey roasted peanuts
1 cup mini marshmellows
1 small tub of Cool Whip
1 8 oz can of crushed pineapple with juice
1 small box of instant butterscotch pudding

Mix all together and let sit for about 1/2 hour before serving
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