Red Bag's not for the BAG! LOL!

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by , 11-03-2011 at 12:49 PM (1037 Views)
I don't blog much as a general rule, but think I'll give it a whirl here! I'm amongst friends here after all, right? Yesterday, just trying to navigate our new site was plenty!! Today, it's looking much more familiar and I have a feeling by the end of the week, I'll start to forget what it looked like previously.

So I love scraps and have tubs of them, in different colors...I pulled out my red tub yesterday and proceeded to work on a new bag for me. I usually give my nice things away, but this was for me! I got the front and back pieces stitched together, crazy patch style, and got the pieced quilted and trimmed. Today, I continued on the bag and finished it just a few minutes ago. I am pleased with it. I will use it as a purse/project bag. I scrappy pieced an outside pocket for my cell phone and keys and made two inside pockets for loose change and all the little things I lug around with me! It's difficult to get a true picture of the reds, but I like it! Now for a nap...LOL!

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RW Quilts!


  1. rwquilts's Avatar
    So...I thought I had a picture of my bag, but it didn't show up so I'm not sure what's the deal with that.
  2. Lv2sew2011's Avatar
    Maybe it will work it's self out and we will get to see it!

  3. Rhonda's Avatar
    Hi Ronda! Just checking in to say I found you! Hope you are doing ok on here finding your way around.

    Wishing you Sunshine and Laughter!!

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