Rotary blade sharpeners????

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by , 08-12-2013 at 09:12 AM (1231 Views)
Does anyone out there have experience with rotary blade sharpeners?

Good or bad experiences...
High tech vs. low tech?

and most importantly: recommendations?


  1. patski's Avatar
    I have checked and only find negative comments on these sharpeners. Did you know you can flip you blade and get more use out of it? I learned that from Fons & Porter. Not a great deal more cutting, maybe a quilt or 2
  2. tessagin's Avatar
    I just make sure the cutters are cleaned well from lint and wipe it down with the tiniest drop of Singer sewing machine oil. I have so many replacement blades I haven't used before I even knew about the sharpeners. Sharpeners are about $20.00 and from those I know, they're not that great. Not much life after sharpening. But I've not used it so No experience here!
  3. Susan Sendt's Avatar

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